Mulan ap essay

Kennedy Do you need to file a complaint against a veterinarian? After doing more regional work, she eventually moved to Los Angeles, where she took on sporadic guest roles typical for young actresses on shows such

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Comparison contrast essay between two people

A properly drafted evaluation will go like this: In some cases, their differences show their personalities. They cater to different types of customers, there is a noticeable difference in service speed, and every facet of doing business

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Commonwealth competition essay

The Competition celebrates and nurtures the creative talents of young people across the Commonwealth, providing a platform for students to compete with their peers in each of the 54 nations which make up this unique association. The

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Children of men thesis statement

Their effects were reported to be disastrous on the entire social and moral structure. The brother of the deceased was obliged to marry his brothers widow (Beaman and Calder, 2013). These unions involve emotional commitments that are

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How to write a critical discussion essay

First, consider the format of your work. Also, your success as a critic depends on how well you can organize your writing process at the very start. Spend too much time on the summary. Secondly you must

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Birthday tradition essays

In response to pleas from Frankfurt, virtually all rabbis in Germany, even Holdheim, declared circumcision obligatory. And chiefly, they felt little attachment to the traditional Messianic doctrine and possessed a clearly heterodox religious understanding. Led by Borowitz

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How to add more depth to an essay

how to add more depth to an essay

first test, the long copy converted better.54. New: Bolivia's Mineral Production Statistics. Updated and improved for your convenience. ALL news tournaments countries opinion schools laws referees, match centre. The interesting part is that Google doesnt prefer more content because it feels it is more valuable. Dont ramble I once heard Om Malik say, if you can write a blog post in 1,000 words, you can write it in 500 words. I took the 327 blog posts I have written on Quick Sprout and broke them down into two buckets. Based on the graph above, you can see that the first result typically has 2,416 words and the 10th result has 2,032 words.

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Lets look at the data: Content really is king, the serpIQ analyzed the top 10 search results for over 20,000 keywords and noticed a pattern. I then analyzed how many tweets and Facebook likes each post got. New: Bolivian Exports by Product. Newest Links Check out our recently added links. You have to write really great content. Country Facts Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Bolivia. Try them at home and enjoy! Sure, long copy may do better, but in general, almost all of our content does well because we built up our social presence. The original converted.6 better than the new variation. Factoid: Bolivia is one of the top 10 producers of antimony in the world. Slide Show A collection of spectacular photos from every corner of Bolivia. We had the same experience with Crazy Egg : the long form version of the homepage converted 30 percent higher than the short version.

It actually prefers content rich sites because data shows you like it, which leads me to my next point. The first bucket contained blog posts that were fewer than 1,500 words, and the second contained posts that were greater than 1,500 words. Whether it is sales pages, blog posts or anything else, if you want more traffic and higher conversions, you should consider long form copy.